Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Let there be Light!

Sometimes I forget about the fact that our home in Port Lavaca is only 50% (or so) complete. I mean, Leo and I have lived in an unfinished home for years, so it hasn't been that big of a deal. But now and then we take a step forward that has some impact. Two years ago, when we installed air conditioning in the house and lived with "conditioned" air for the first time in 10 years...well, that was a BIG impact. (Note: No one can handle the high humidity hot summers here in south Texas without air conditioning. But we did.)

Well, this week another major milestone was put into place. This week we got LIGHTS in the house! For years now, we've lived with extension cords, lamps, and drop lights to eat, work, clean, and even go to the bathroom by. And although I have not been home to see it yet, I have it on good authority that my house now has WORKING LIGHTS in it. How exciting!

I have plans to go home this weekend and check it out, just to make sure the guys weren't pulling my leg. However, in their defense, they have provided some evidence that there really is work going on at home.

In spite of the way these walls look in the photos, they are all the same color...gray. The ceilings are white, but all of the walls and beams are the same color. The new light fixtures and fans look fabulous (at least in the photos). I can't wait to get home this weekend and check them out "in person". Look closely at the ceiling fans and you will see that we went with something quite unconventional. These little guys put out some wind, however, and they can be configured to point up, out, down, to spin as they blow or just blow in place. Unconventional? True. But good for our needs.

Another shot of the living room, and you can see how "wild" the fans are. In the background, the recessed lights are definitely providing a place for artwork to go. (Note: The door has not been painted or trimmed out yet...that will be coming soon.) To the left is the kitchen down below and the loft up above. The view into the house and out the big windows is awesome from the loft. It is small, but will be a nice little get-away for grandkids, I think.

Although my electrician thought I was a bit nutty, he agreed to put in the swing-arm lamps over my bed (it's not in the room yet) with separate light switches. Although it's a bit "hotel-like", it is exactly what I wanted. I can't wait to get the bed moved in to see how well they work out. Leo tells me the guys had a heck of a time with the ceiling fan in that room. Looking at the photo, it looks like a straight-forward task to me, so I'm curious to see what there is that could have caused so much trouble. On the left side of the photo, I can see that there are actually lights in my master closet. Yippee! No more getting dressed by flashlight!

Well, I've still got an outline to prepare tonight, and I'm working long hours this week too. I leave home at 5am in order to be at my desk and working by 5:30. I generally leave work between 5:30 and 6:00pm. So, the days are long and evenings are short. Still, I wanted to take a few minutes and show off the progress on the house. After so many years, you'd think I wouldn't get so excited. But I am, and I wanted to share just a bit of my excitement with you. Goodnight!

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  1. Anonymous8:03 AM

    Dear Bea,
    I was thrilled to learn about the additions to your home. Yes! It always looked like an "almost" ready home, Ready to move in perhaps but not entirely.

    Well, next time I am in Texas, I will make it a point to visit Port-Lavaca and add something to it too.

    Perhaps I will buy something for the kitchen that needs fixing and spend a day fitting it up. That is a promise. Although it is not very likely that I will visit Houston or even Texas any time soon. But it is a promise which you can hold as a rain check as long as you wish. there is no expiry date on this one.
    Wish you happy living and may your house bring you and your family joy and happiness.

    By our tradition here, when we move into a new home, we arrange a gathering of friends and read our holy book and and other prayers together. I will pray for your house, and those who live there, next friday.

    Regards to leo. Best wishes to you both.