Monday, September 15, 2008

Can't Return to the City Yet

I've tried several ways of checking to see if I could/should return to Houston yet and finally found the answer (posted at

Residents of Webster are not advised to return
Residents of Webster are not advised to return to the City at this time. Damage Assessment will take place as soon as possible to determine when citizens may safely return to the area. The City of Webster is without power. City crews are attempting to restore utilities. Do not attempt to travel around the City as roads may be barricaded or impassable. Some roads have debris and crews need to clear the rights-of-way. The entire Police Department Patrol Units are patrolling and safeguarding the community.

I guess I'll try again tomorrow.

This morning was absolutely BEAUTIFUL here on the bay! When I went to Walmart to buy a $58 microwave, everyone seemed to be in a cheery mood. Our first cool front has arrived (not sweater weather...just a break from the heat!) and we avoided the storm here, so people are feeling good. When I got back to the house, I startled a young fawn in the yard. She was a large youngster but still had her spots. Yes, this morning was beautiful.

Although I did get to talk to Leo for a few minutes this morning, our call was cut short and I was really disappointed. He also told me that he might stay an extra week in order to work an overlap with his relief. I did NOT want to hear this, but I totally understand. I mean, these guys have never even met yet. So imagine trying to work a job, handoff tasks, and takeover tasks from someone you rarely interact with (via email) and have never even met. Yes, disappointed but understanding...that's me.

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