Sunday, September 14, 2008

Daily Routine

It looks like Leo and I have established a daily routine of sorts. I sleep with my cell phone on the bed next to me knowing that Leo will call between 5:30 and 6:30 am and we'll talk. The connection is good, as we can hear each other clearly, but there is a bit of a delay in the communication (think of CNN as they talk to their reporters in Baghdad).

I've found out that although Leo is disappointed to not be in a Training Coordinator role, he has nothing but good things to tell me about his new friends and co-workers. He assures me that security on the site is incredibly high, so he never worries about anything happening to him. (He did tell me there was a kidnapping of 2 Canadians in Lagos yesterday, but they were out on the town and not taking suggested precautions.) The living conditions are okay, the food is really good, and he LOVES the daily laundry service! We both regret that his time on the computer is very limited and he can only dash off quick emails once or twice a day. I'm not sure I could live without the internet! :-)

This thing we are doing is difficult, even more than I thought it would be. I am someone who has always been quite comfortable alone, requiring little interaction with people and enjoying it all the more because it happens relatively infrequently. Leo on the other hand THRIVES on personal interaction. So in that respect, we are both getting what we want out of the deal. I have lots of alone time, and he has lots of time with interesting people from around the world.

But up until now, when I wanted to see Leo, all I had to do was call him up and we'd be back together in a matter of hours. Now, I just wait every morning for a phone call, and watch every evening for a short email. I hate to say it, but I'm thinking that the original plan of 3 years of this is just not doable. Not doable at all. We'll have to see, won't we.

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