Saturday, November 15, 2008

Cool Weather Has Arrived

I hate it when a busy week comes along and I don't have time to post anything. It just means that when I finally get the time, I really don't know what to post. I mean, do I try to catch everyone up on everything or do I just hit the highlights. Gee...can I even REMEMBER the highlights!?

The week was good as far as Leo is concerned. He had a couple of chances to interface with me (quick emails back and forth) one night, so it was almost like he was back in town. I hope he "needs" me again sometime soon as I need that kind of interaction to stay in touch and feel connected.

On Friday morning, about 8am, Jess called to tell me the big 10-point buck was out in the yard feeding. Although we seem him on a relatively regular basis, seeing him come out in the bright daylight with people still milling around is a bit unusual. The buck was there for a while, so we all got a good look at him. (What a beautiful animal!) Once he was bored with the feeding at Jess' house, he decided to stroll across to the neighbor's. Jess got on the phone again and called Judy to tell her and Bro. David to take a look as well. When he passed the information on to Judy he tells me she got really tickled about the whole thing. The source of her amusement? She said, "David's been down at the deer blind since before sun up looking for this guy, and here he comes strolling through the yard!!"

[Jess took this photo from his kitchen window!]

I still don't have a computer hooked up at my new office in Houston. This means that I have to drive back downtown, to another site, and use one in a common area there. What it really means is that I am not able to stay as "connected" with projects as I like. I'm really hoping that computer shows up on Monday...I REALLY need to put some time in on a couple of difficult projects! That has also thrown a "kink" in my plan of working hard through the month of November in order to take off most of December when Leo is home. I am just not sure this is possible any more. Still, I'll do the best I can.

I am looking forward to spending a nice, quiet Thanksgiving with Jess and Grace (and I'm hoping Jess' sister Barbara will come as well). For Christmas, we will be headed to the Austin area to gather at the home of my older brother and his girlfriend. We never actually schedule this holiday gathering ON Christmas since there are so many other family commitments. It also serves to spread out the gift-receiving for the little ones giving them time to enjoy things a bit more.

I hope you are all well and will be able to spend quality time with your families and friends over the holidays. We still have a goal of hosting SEVERAL holiday get togethers in December 2009 as we are still hoping to have a "finished" house to show off. When the time comes, you'll definitely be hearing from me. Of course, I want you ALL to come for a visit!!

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